We meet on the First Thursday in each month (except in July)

See "Our Projects" page for some of NTGA's activities.  



Upcoming Programs in 2015(subject to change)

January - Heirloom Show and Tell, bring your treasured family heirlooms and share it's story with us. 

February - Food of Our Founding Fathers - Judy Braddy
March - The regular Meeting for March is cancelled.  NTGA will host a workshop for NTGA members, March 21st., instead.   

April - Putting Leaves on the Family Tree - Carolyn Gilbert

May -  Clues in Our Photographs

June -  Brick Walls

July - no meeting

August - Maps & Migrations - Mike Moody

September - Researching Women - Gil Allison

October -  Citations & Documentations

November - Epidemics & Pandemics

December - Christmas Party

Download our quarterly publication, our annual journal is available to our members, older quarterlies are in Archives section.

NTGA Trail Tracers 1st Quarter 2013
Trail Tracers publication 1st Quarter 2013
NTGA Trail Tracers 1st quarter 2013.pdf
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NTGA Trail Tracers 2nd Quarter Download
Trail Tracers 2 quarter,2012
NTGA 2nd qtr 2012.pdf
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NTGA Trail Tracers 2nd Quarter 2013
Trail Tracers publication 2nd Quarter 2013
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NTGA Trail Tracers 3rd Quarter 2012
Trail Tracers 3rd quarter, 2012
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NTGA Trail Tracers 3rd Quarter 2013
Trail Tracers publication 3rd Quarter 2013
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NTGA Trail Tracers 1st Quarter 2014
NTGA Trail Tracers 1st Quarter 2014
NTGA march 2014 quarterly.pdf
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North Texas Genealogical Association. Researchers helping researchers.

About Us

The purpose of the North Texas Genealogical Association is to promote and preserve genealogical and historical data of Wichita Falls and the surrounding area including Archer, Baylor, Clay, Hardeman, Jack, Montague, Wichita, Wilbarger, and Young Counties in Texas.

February 2015


Where did January go?

Well, many nights surfing records on the internet, never say die on those brick walls.  I got a little filing done, my desk is a bit cleaner.  I have promised not to write something on a piece of paper or sticky note and not post it in my documents.  My goodness those sticky notes build up fast !  A very cold January contributed to my being successful in these areas. 

Are you stuck in your research or do you have a brick wall?  Talk to others who do genealogy, ask them how they solved problems; what were they doing when they discovered a long lost puzzle piece; what lead them there?

Exchange a brick wall issue with a friend who has one.  You work on theirs and let them work on yours. 

Make a timeline about what you know of an ancestor who is stumping you.  Chronology can help solve problems, it points out missing pieces.  You might enter your speculations into the timeline in a different color.  Enter historical events into the areas where information is missing.  You might discover the flu epidenic of 1918 is the reason you can't find your missing person after tht time period. 

A visitor to our last meeting said she came as a friend of the speaker, she did not do genealogy.  We all sneezed on her and told her it was a fun bug to catch.  I am sure you will agree.         

We invite you to come celebrate and explore the craft of genealogy with us.  Hurdle brick walls with us, document your family history with us, and cry on each other's shoulder when we discover yet another burned courthouse.  Share and elebrate new discoveries with us.  

 They say it takes a village to "yada yada yada" and NTGA members are a village of fun, caring, enthusiastic folks who love genealogy. 

 Circle the wagons with us, come hear the band !! 

Please not our March 2015 meeting has been cancelled.  We will resume our schedule in April. 

We meet at the Museum of North Texas History, 720 Indiana, Wichita Falls, Texas on the First Thursday of each month (except July) at 7:00 PM. Socializing begins at 6:30 PM. VISITORS ARE WELCOME!

Would you like to know who we are and what we do? Read more about us.


If you need research for an obituary that may have been printed in the Wichita Falls, Texas newspapers, the Wichita Falls Public Library offers that service. Here is the information on their website - http://wfpl.net/webformobituary-request-form